The Rising of the moon is one of the best artworks by John Ford which has been publicly welcomed by many people. The iconic play which was done by Irish Ballad explains the struggles between the Irishmen and the British Military during the revolt of 1798. The play focuses on the rugged dressed man and a Sergeant who is working along with two policemen, X and B to arrest a man.  wac-new-release-3-5_12 There was a man who was wanted by the police force who had dark hair, dark eyes, smooth faced and were five feet high. The man whom they were looking for suddenly passes but the Sergeant initially thinks he is a Ballard-man. They share stories and the man without knowledge that the man he is talking to is just disguised in a wig yet he is the man they are looking for. The man finally passes through after two policemen X and B come to the place but are convinced to move away by the sergeant. The man was sure that the sergeant would not arrest him because; the sergeant did not know that the man he was talking to was the man put on the placards. In the play, the man says, “… I wouldn’t be in your shoes if the reward was ten times as much”, meaning that the Sergeant would have already arrested him were it that the person he was looking for was him (Gregory, 4). In other words, the Sergeant could not have delayed to arrest him if he realised that the man he was looking for was actually him. Therefore, the man was sure the Sergeant did not know him. The man also thinks that the sergeant cannot arrest him because, the reward of arresting the man who had proved his power over the gaolers was hundred thousand pounds which he was sure if had the money, he could still bribe the Sergeant to pass. He says, “..There is a hundred pounds on my head”, meaning he was sure the sergeant would accept the bribe. In conclusion, the play demonstrates how the police can be deceived by simple explanations that wrongdoers give them to escape arrest. The ragged man deceived the sergeant with stories which made the Sergeant to finally give way to the man that was wanted by the police force. References Gregory,L. “The Rising of the Moon.” Bucknell University (2015): 1-11. Print.  

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