Joakim Mulaa

Head of Information and Technology Department


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU) and University of Bosaso (UOB) WWI2-HE: Campus wide Computer Network.


This is mini-project is part of the Higher Education component of phase 2 of the Waxbarashadu Waa Iftiin [Education is Light] project. The topic of this mini-project was selected by the President of HEIs at a workshop in Garowe in April 2016. With almost every department interconnected to another, the University has realized smooth running of day-to-day activities which include managing Student Management system, research work and delivery of lectures. It’s the hope of the university fraternity that the school shall realize a tremendous improvement in its service delivery by the end of the project. The project is scheduled to end by end of March 2018. However, constant checks and updates shall be continuously carried out so that quality of network and software systems that are being installed is improved based on the prevailing circumstances.
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