The 9th Graduation for the University of Bosaso was held on 2nd December 2017.


9th Graduation 2017 
The 9th Graduation for the University of Bosaso was held on 2nd December 2017. It was one one of the most exciting occasion for the year. It was a spectacular event that was not only meant to be celebrated by the 9th graduands but also various government officials who were in attendance. The officials promised to provide 10 slots for job employment opportunities in various ministries based on merit and competence. Officials who attended
  1. Minister for Ports:  Said Mohammed Rage
He encouraged the whole community to use education as a major tool to gain heights that shall lead them to prosperity.
2. Governor Bari Region: Mohamed Wais Dhado The governor was quite encouraging and promised to work closely to the University to further the vision of the learners. With this in mind, he also said he would learners to secure job opportunities since the previous graduands have exhibited competence. 3. Mayor Bosaso: Eng Yassin Mire Mohamed The University was also privileged to host the Mayor of Bosaso town to grace the graduation ceremony. His limitless encouragement was a clear indicator that the University had a long way to show its capability in producing “ready “workforce.  Based on the past history, he mentioned the University has an exemplary record in producing good personnel that are self-driven. 4. State Minister for Information Culture, Tradition and Tourism: Abditafah Shakir To crown it all, the University had a privilege a catch a glimpse of Abditafah Shakir who said that the faces of all graduands were humbled and symbolized with hope that tomorrow would be a better day for every single one of them.  Information is the way we live and the University is dedicated to produce people who are able to communicate in different dialects. Assistant Minister for Port-Bosaso: Mr. Mohamed Beldaye The Assistant minister challenged the University to carry out more research especially those revolving around marine science because the Bosaso region is commercialized by the port. He added that the University should also diversify its research base so that the community is able to sustain itself.   University Administration The University piloted by Prof. Abdiwali Geyre thanked all those who attended and made the day joyous and successful. He encouraged graduands and other learners who were present in the event to be aggressive and seek to achieve the highest goals possible. “The sky is the limit,” He concluded.    
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