Grading System

Arriving at the Final Grade

  1. Each course shall be graded out of a final mark of a maximum of 100 marks
  2. Combining 40% of the marks awarded for course work and 60% of the marks awarded for the final examination arrive at the final grade of a student in a particular course.
  3. The course work includes all elements and requirements of a course such as assignments, reading reports, projects, research reports or research papers, class presentations, group discussions and presentations, participation in all class activities, all types of tests and quizzes including mid-semester exams, and class attendance. Relevant elements that contribute to the coursework assessment shall be clearly stated in the course outline for each course and shall be made available to the students on the first day of classes each semester.
  4. The final examination constitutes 60% of the marks and is mandatory in order to earn a grade for the course.
  5. After combining the course work percentage and the final examination percentage, the final marks in percentage are recorded and a letter grade is assigned.
  6. In a case where a student appears for the final examination but has not completed course works, he/she will earn the grade on the same principles: 60% of the final examination and 40%of the coursework attempted (if any).


Assigning Letter

  1. The final results of all courses are recorded as letter grades. Each letter grade is assigned values in terms of points. These points are then used to compute the student’s GPA (Grade Point Average). The following chart shows the value assigned to each letter grade:


Letter Grade Percent Mark Points
A 80 – 100 5.0
B+ 75 – 79.9 4.5
B 70 – 74.9 4.0
C+ 65 – 69.9 3.5
C 60 – 64.9 3.0
D+ 55 – 59.9 2.5
D 50 – 54.9 2.0
F Below 50 0.0


 Awards Classification
CGPA  Achievement Class
4.5 –5.0 Excellent Performance First class Honors
3.6 –4.49 Very Good Performance Second class upper division
2.8 –3.59 Good Performance Second Division class lower division
2.0 –2.79 Satisfactory Performance Pass