The University of Bosaso currently has two specialized campuses:

  1. Main Campus

The main campus is situated at the outskirt of the Bosaso behind Panorama Hotel. The main campus is the centre for coordination of all the academic aspects of the university and oversees the activities of the extra-mural campuses as well.


  1. City Campus

The University of Bosaso City Campus (UOBCC) was established in May, 2012 in line with the university’s strategic plans in enhancing access to University education through expansion of facilities and services and increasing University’s presence in various parts of the country. This development was also a response to a growing demand UOB education programmes by the clientele working within the Bosaso city and its environs but who could not access the programmes at the Main Campus due to distance accessible by means of transport.


  1. Garowe Campus

The Garowe Campus is one of the sister campus of University of Bosaso Bosaso Campuses. It hosts and provides holistic educational programmes as coordinated by the main campus in Bosaso. The Garowe Campus was first initiated as focal point office for the distance learning programmes; moreover, by mid 2012 it was fully named as sister campus of University of Bosaso main campus. The campus has currently 530 registered students in different field of study and also coordinates the distance learning students in Galkaio, Burtinle, Buholdle, Hargeysa, Mogadishu, Erigavo, Baran, Qardo among other places within and outside Puntland.


Compared to 2013/2014, the number of students enrolled rose to 95% in 2014/2014 academic year. Such increase was as a result of quality of the teaching staff, conducive environment, engagement in research and development programs, and the quality services provided by the university in general.


Garowe Campus facilitated many projects funded by international organization, including Save the Children, World Vision, NCA etc… It hosted the training of Puntland Electoral Commission staff, and others sponsored by local NGOs and INGOs.