Distance Learning

The University of Bosaso distance learning program is as old as the university existence. It gave many students, who have the tight work schedules or in a long distance, the opportunity to continue with their studies while at home. The program is aimed at reducing the difficulties students face in finding the time and funding to come to the university to study, and therefore developed the Distance learning program to make available specialized and advanced training in the Puntland, Somaliland and Somalia in general. The program will be extended to all over the world in the near future. Studying through the distance learning system provides an attractive option for those financially challenged, commitment to work or family, or lack of access to higher education on a full time basis due to other reasons.

This mode of delivery minimizes a learner’s over reliance on the lecturer by utilizing a mix of multi-media technologies augmented with limited face-to-face interaction to facilitate knowledge acquisition (blended learning) and compressed learning. Through the ODL, the university has taken a more practical approach to pedagogy by incorporating advanced learning methods, thus fulfilling students learning needs. For more information on ODL student can acquire ODL Policy Booklet from the University.