Introduction to Faculty of Education

One of the Leading Faculties in University of Bosaso

Many Secondary schools in Puntland state of Somalia have a high demand of teachers. For this reason, the university has been on the forefront to train more teachers meet the demand. Currently, the University has 32o students in all the campuses including the main Campus, City Campus and Gaarowe Campus training in various departments to become teachers. The University is using the curriculum that was developed by the ministry of Higher Education of  Puntland State of Somalia. The curriculum has proved to be helpful since the teachers trained in the University have been quite renowned for their dedication and high-end skills they acquire during training.
However, the University is on the forefront to make amendments of the curriculum to suite new needs based on the new learning environment. Through the Faculty of Education, the University has been able to create association with other Universities in Puntland like East Africa University, Puntland State University, Red Sea University,University Of Health Science Bosaso among other Universities.

1. Bachelor of Arts Arabic Teacher Training

The Faculty of Education was established in order to meet the high demand for secondary school teachers especially to cope with the Puntland system of education.

2. Bachelor of Arts English and Geography

Graduates of the program are prepared to become English and Geography Teachers