Computer labs

High quality modern computers are availed to the students for their computer related practicum. Well trained professionals are available to help the students on the use of these devices in the laboratory.


The library is equipped with the latest and modern books in all areas of study ncluding; Islamic studies, Arabic Language, English Language, Management Accounting, Economics, Business Studies, Finance, and Statistics.  The ambience is conducive to learning


The E-library is equipped with the latest and modern books, journals, videos, and other educational materials. There are more than 50,000 titles with different field studies.


Classrooms have adequate space, ventilations and teaching facilities. They create an academic environment that motivates lecturers and students to concentrate on their activities.

Internet Access

High speed internet access is available for the lecturers and students. The university uses a highly advanced VSAT that enables students and faculty to have access to the global e-libraries. The internet assists lecturers to prepare an up to date course material and lecture notes. This is useful in helping the university community to optimally utilize the cyber-space in their teaching and learning.

The Mosque

The Mosque has always remained the invaluable central place for spiritual nourishment and knowledge. The university provides a sufficient praying space for both sisters and brothers. The mosque is placed in a strategic location, accessible to all students and staff.

Catering Services

Bars and restaurants with reasonable prices are put in place to provide nutritional nourishment to both students and faculty in an environment that also enhances good health and learning.. The university will continuously ensure that students and staff continue to receive best value for their money at pocket-friendly prices